RE/MAX: Balloon Facts

  • Ballooning originated in France in 1782 by the Montgolfier Brothers.
  • Early balloons were made of hand sewn materials with rope suspensions and were fueled by wood.
  • RE/MAX has the largest corporate hot air balloon fleet in the world, with over 90 hot air balloons.
  • Most RE/MAX hot air balloons have a volume of 90,000 cubic feet and stand over 7 stories tall.
  • A hot air balloon consists of three parts: the basket (gondola), the burner and the envelope).
  • The temperature inside the balloon can reach 275 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Hot air balloons are powered by a thirty-two million BTU burner. The burners could supply enough heat to keep approximately 350 homes warm over the winter.
  • Propane gas used to fuel the balloons is the same used in barbecues.